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Bullwinkle Entertainment Inc. was established in 1982 to promote live original bands, and musicians.
During this time BEI has promoted and produced thousands of concerts featuring local, regional, national, and international artists.

From the 1980’s to present day, BEI has presented a variety of national artists, such as White Zombie, CKY, The Disco Biscuits, Overkill, Type O Negative, Cinderella, Ugly Kid Joe, Heaven's Edge, Bang Tango, Britny Fox, Lizzy Borden and Meat Loaf just to name a few...

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METAL OF HONOR! LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN: Bonnie's rocked in the late '80s & '90s.

The Bonnie's Roxx reunion gets N.J. rockers to dust off their axes.

by A.D. Amorosi of the City Paper

When Mike Minnick, aka: Bullwinkle, announced he was holding a Bonnie’s Roxx reunion, it stirred up a dry-ice cloud of questions. Who would come to celebrate not only the scuzzy hair metal indigenous to Bonnie Motto’s Atco, N.J., club (Bonnie’s Roxx sat on the White Horse Pike between 1985 and 1992) but all the old rock palaces -- The Galaxy, Cellblock, Empire Rock Room, RT’s Fountain Room and Gene’s? Who would dig, or want to dig, local elders Machine Dog, Tangier, Dead End Kids, Whitefoxx, or Sic Vikki?

"Does anyone give a fuck?" asks Jay Medley, Supernatural Birth Machine guitarist and DJ for several nu-metal nights. "Maybe I can’t comment since I was hanging with club crawlers like you at Omni’s Love, or the East Side. But, there’s a reason I wasn’t there: For every good metal band, there were 10 you wouldn’t piss on."
Despite the urine, the answer to the question "Is there still room for American Sugar Bitch, Four Star Rosie, Gypsy Rose and Rough Dymond?" comes back a resounding "yes" as fans and bands have reacted to a Bonnie’s reunion as if they’d never put down the Aqua Net.

"Fuck, I’m happy to see bands and fans responding," exclaims Minnick (aka "Bullwinkle," Bonnie’s booking agent) about the metal wonksters enthusiastically buying tickets to his two-day reunion. Nearly 800 members are filling his reunion message board daily.

The history of Bonnie and Bullwinkle: Minnick -- who was then booking Bobby "The King" Carns’ hard-ass band Mistriss -- drove past Bonnie’s, which was a country-western club, and had an idea. Upon phoning Motto, Minnick suggested not only Mistriss, but an all-ages gathering without booze. "Bonnie’s reaction was basically, "Are you out of your fucking mind?’" recalls Minnick with a chuckle.

After dozens of phone calls ("she thought I was a stalker!"), Motto gave in. "I sent a photo of Mistriss to the Inquirer, a wild pose with Bobby wearing a long boa." To their mutual surprise, the Inky printed the photo, the gig "blew up" and Bonnie’s Roxx was born, packing the room with not only allages gigs but booze-fueled adult nights to boot. Motto not only changed the name of the bar, but purchased a wild marquee with her own spiked blond hair likeness on it. "It rocked! She rocked!" says Minnick of Motto, who now lives in Florida.

By 1989, along with gathering audiences for then-newly signed locals Deadly Blessing and Tangier, Bonnie’s enclosed the main bar with chain-link fence. Famously called The Cage, it allowed for big all-ages gigs. The 21-plus crowd drank in the cage.

"Bonnie was like a kid in a candy store when she watched MTV," says Minnick. "She’d see a hot band -- and, yes, Bonnie was partial to pretty boys -- and call me to book them." They didn’t think they could get "nationals" to play out in the sticks. But people flocked to see White Zombie, Ugly Kid Joe and Ace Frehley. "Ace loved Bonnie’s and loved to party. Ace and I got so drunk one night that he threw up all over me. I remember WYSP’s Jacky Bam Bam trying to slip Ace his demo as Ace was taking a piss. Classic!" Urine aside, the massive crowds killed Bonnie’s. With no parking lot and huge crowds, Minnick says Atco officials haunted the club with parking violations and tickets for destroying valuable Jersey Pinelands. Bye-bye Bonnie’s. When the rock stopped it became a strip club. It was torn down in ’98. A couple months ago, Minnick casually suggested a Bonnie’s Roxx reunion party in conversation with old friends and fans. A few e-mails later and Minnick found himself bombarded. Planned as one show at The Pirate’s Den for 300 people, the response from players and fans grew to the necessity of having the reunion fill two full days at 1,000 people each night.

"You know, these guys are not old, nor are they washed up. A thing called life got in the way for many of these musicians who have wives and kids. They never gave up on themselves, the scene did," says Minnick. "The flame burns in these guys. I truly hope this reunion rekindles the passion of the old days."

(THIS EVENT HAS PAST) Fri., May 7, 5 p.m., American Sugar Bitch, Dogs on Broadway, EMPIRE, Four Star Rosie, Gypsy Rose with Tom Gillam and Donny Syracuse, High Society, Kid Bang/G.F.Y., Krank, Machine Dog, Midnight Hero, Outkast/Aftermath, Rough Dymond, Star II Sun, Surrender Dorothy, Tangier, The Original Dead End Kids (Part 1), Wicked Emotion; Sat., May 8, 4 p.m., Ambush, Deadly Blessing, DVS, Funhouse, Hell Razor, Hip Shot/Flesh Divine, Knight Train, New London, Rebel Heart, Roughhouse/Teeze, Sic Vikki, Tagg, The Original Dead End Kids (Part 2), Whitefoxx, White Rock, Without Warning, Zeus; @ The Woodbine Entertainment Complex, Route 73 and Remington Ave., Pennsauken, N.J.